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Ανακοίνωση του Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 με release το 2024!


Approval of the Admiral
Aug 3, 2023
Ωραια παρουσιαση το βιντεακι!!! Σιγουρακι λιωσιμο τα χριστουγεννα!

Αυτο που με κραταει στο εδαφος ειναι τα system requirements, δεν εχουν ανεβασει τιποτα στο στημ ακομη, κατι λογικο. Ελπιζω να μην ειναι τεραστια για 1080p, αν και δεν φανηκαν καφριλες τα γραφικα.

PS. Ηταν λιγο περιεργα να βλεπεις τον ναο της αγιας βαρβαρας στη κουτνα χορα μετα απο 15-16 χρονια οφειλω να ομολογησω, επισης περιμενα περισσοτερο να ποζαραν στο οστεοφυλακιο των αγιων παντων (Πανεμορφη πολη btw αξιζει η επισκεψη)


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DDD PCMaster Veteran Order of Alucard Klika Member
Nov 26, 2012

best boi

A writer from GameStar visited Warhorse today and was able to play KCD 2. The article is behind a paywall but here are his most important points:

- The game is indeed much bigger and ambitious in comparison to the first game
- He is generally (very) optimistic but thinks there is still a bit of a risk that Warhorse is trying too much
- Immersion is very important to the developers and they added many small details such as getting robbed when you pass out from drinking too much. You will then be able to track down someone in the city who is wearing your shoes
- The perks from KCD1 have been reworked because they were generally disliked
- Story is indeed much more epic and includes kings and the HRE.
- Quest design feels different: more spectacle and big battles (because of the new story) , less fetch quests and calm side missions
- 3 types of crossbows. Smallest type can be reloaded from horseback
- the new city Kuttenberg is as detailed as Rattay but much bigger

ΥΓ2. Ένας streamer είπε μόλις τώρα πως το Savior Schnapps θα είναι πάλι και στο 2 λολ. Casuals gtfo.
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