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Adhan wrote:
Tsok wrote:
Για όποιον δε το είδε ακόμα

Unfortunately, no fucks will be given on release day…

Από τη συνέντευξη:
“Rashid Sayed: Customization is a big part of any role playing game. Sacred 2 featured a wide variety of options for equipment and weapons types. What kind of customization options will have the player have in Sacred 3?

Sebastian Reichert: First of all, Sacred 3 at its core is an action game. A lot of classic RPG elements have been removed or simplified to ensure a fluid multiplayer experience. Of course, we still like our customization that is synonymous with our gameplay. We offer armor and weapon upgrades but our focus is on the Combat Arts. The players have to decide which ones to take along for a quest. And this choice will change their experience completely. There are even differences within the Combat Arts. The Stomp of the Safiri, can be focused point damage or can be used as huge area effect with DoT-capabilities”.

R.I.P. Sacred

Φακ οφ ρε!!! :smash: :smash:

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