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Λοιπον δεν ξερω αν το ειδατε αλλα ΠΡΕΠΕΙ να τσεκαρετε τα users reviews απο την τηλεοραση της samsung με 40 χιλιαρικα
(4K αναλυση δεν ξερω κι εγω ποσα πιξελς)

‘I was going to fund my daughters wedding in Hawaii, but I figured this Samsung TV would last much longer.’

‘Just cashed in the kids’ college funds and dropped them off at the Army recruiting station. I got the TV, they got a career. I think it worked out well for everyone.’

‘The black levels and color depth on this TV are pretty good for the price. However, the small screen size is a deal breaker. I recommend buying an IMAX theater instead.’

‘It makes those abused animal commercials with the sarah mclachlan music playing so much sadder when the one-eyed pug is 4 feet tall.’

‘I bought it just to watch the garbage man struggle pitifully as he attempted to fit the box into the back of his recycling truck. Worth it.’

Ειδικα το παλικαρι εδω εχςι δωσει ρεσιταλ, κλαιω λεμε

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