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Μεγάλη ξενέρα έφαγα. Το παιχνίδι δεν τρέχει με τίποτα, μου κρασάρει στο μενού με συγκεκριμένα errors.

Η Ubi ξέρει το πρόβλημα και περιμένουμε κανα update…. πάλι :angry:

PC – crash to desktop

When starting the game – the game crashes to desktop with an error code.…r-I-click-play

[Status] Issue reported – updates to follow.

PC – Unsupported Text Languge

Game crashes at start up with ‘ unable to find supported tex language!’ error…-text-language!

[Status]Issue reported – updates to follow.

PC – Disrupt _b64.dll crash / error

Game crashes with a ‘disrupt_b64.dll’ error.…e-crash-issues

[Status] Issued reported – updates to follow.

PC – Frame rate stutter on high end GPU

Game stutters on ultra textures and other lower settings on certain hardware.…690-unplayable

[Status] Issue reported – updates to follow

PC – Crash to desktop when having signs

Game suffers a crash to desktop on certain graphics cards.…gns-causes-CTD

[Status] Issue reported – updates to follow.


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