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Somewhere in the world was a young little boy.
Who was good all year and brought his parents great joy.
On his wishlist he wrote he wanted a PC.
And dreamed of bundles and sales, games practically free.
His parents found the letter and they were not amused.
When they saw what he wanted they flat out refused.
“We can’t a afford a five thousand buck toy”
“We cannot and should not for this little boy”
Every day and night the little boy prayed
“oh father please grant me a PC someday”
At the door his parents, what peasants they were.
Swore to get him a shit PS4.
One night at dinner they spoke of gaming
“Hey dad what card d’you think gaben will bring?”
His fathers chest rose, his eyes full of tears
The boy was crushed, his heart stomped on the floor.
He didn’t want cheap graphics or a ps4.
His mother yelled at him “GabeN is not real!”
“You’re getting a ps4, I don’t care how you feel!”
He wanted a PC; to build one like a man.
Not low-res expensive games on a tin can.
“Chistmas day’s fast approaching” his parents would boast.
While forcing him to play COD Ghosts.
The boys eye were so sore, from the monitor gore.
The terrible graphics of the shit ps4.
He wanted to stop, but his family would pout
until a few more racist things he would shout
They played deep into nighttime calling kids gay.
They said he can’t notice 4k anyway.
His parents would taunt him “PC graphics is lame”
“This is the only way any should game”
The boy shed a tear, and as it hit the ground
The air became filled with a beautiful sound.
It was a wonderful sound, rang out once again
And before him stood the glorious GabeN
His parents looked away, blinded by resolution
The boy stood slacked jawed at this attribution
“Boy you have shown you don’t need peasantry”
“You don’t need shit games, xbox’s or ps3’s”
“Every good boy, who games and believes”
“Deserve to play games on a glorious PC”
With a snap of his fingers, and a rub of his beard
A glorious station at his desk had appeared!
“But a PC can’t game on our giant TV!”
but as they spoke it lit up with HL3!
Bright lights filled the room, the boy shed a tear.
he has heard it was delayed for another damn year.
His parents were weeping tears of disbelief.
“We should have known!” they said through their sorrow and grief.
Arms ’round their child, GabeNs work there was done.
For two peasants hearts he has there now won.
He readied to leave and as he drifted away.
“Oh great GabeN, how do we repay?”
With a slap of his belly and with a deep jolly laugh.
“Tell peasants they needn’t put up with that crap”
“PC gaming is great and much cheaper too!”
and with that Gaben left. “Now it’s all up to you”

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