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Απέχουμε φυσικά πολύ ακόμα από το Deus Ex για το οποίο προσωπικά ανυπομονώ…

Eidos Montreal is collaborating with robotics start-up Open Bionics and Razer to produce “Deus Ex inspired augmentations”. In particular, “affordable, functional and beautiful” bionic hands. These prostheses will be available in 2017, According to an announcement there will be two models—the Titan Arm and the Adam Arm—and they’ll be available for everyone no matter their age or gender. The companies will provide the blueprints and designs for the prosthetics royalty free, allowing anyone to access and use them. Razer's contribution is a “Stargazer” webcam and motion tracking technology that will allow people to try on the arm virtually and see how it would work and look if it was actually attached and being used by them.

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