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Μόλις διάβασα ένα post από άνθρωπο της Valve για τις επερχόμενες προσθήκες στην Trading Card beta:

Trade Offers: send an offer to another user of items to trade, even if they’re offline, that will let them accept, decline, or make a counter-offer. You’ll only be able to send trade offers to friends to start with, but if people like it we’ll look into expanding it. This will also let you send an item as a gift to a friend.

Booster Packs: these will drop randomly for users who have received all their card drops from playing any given game, and who are continuing to participate in the community. Each booster pack will contain three cards for that game, and may potentially contain foils. The rate of drops will be based on how often cards are being used, to prevent too many flooding into the economy.

Game Collector Badge: A badge that grants XP based on how many games you own on Steam, to ensure that long-time users are rewarded.

Trading Card Binder: A way of showing off all the cards you’ve collected, including those you’ve crafted into a badge.

Ωραία πράγματα :) Και πλέον θα έχουμε και άλμπουμ, η Paninοποίηση του Steam συνεχίζεται!

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