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Συνεχίζω να το χαζεύω λοιπόν :popcorn: κι είπα να γράψω μερικά updates
Πλέον έχουμε και
Multiplayer – alpha version (not a final version)
– Creative mode with your friends
– Privacy customization: offline, private, public, friends only
– Max 16 players (this may increase in the future)
– Turn weapons on/off
– Turn copy-paste on/off
υπόλοιπα FEATURES

Ξεχώρισα αυτή την ερώτηση από τις FAQ του wiki

Q: Can anyone board your ship? Can anyone actively sabotage your vessel?
A: Yeah, anyone can sneak in your ship and take control. Or disassemble it and use those components to build his own ship :-) Hehe, I guess what will stop them is: turrets, radar and the time it requires to do these things. This will be fun!

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