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Adhan wrote:
Δωρεάν είναι για όλους τους κατόχους της αρχικής έκδοσης.

αυτο. εκτος αν μετα απ τα μυαλα μου και τα μαλλια μου, μ εγκαταλειπουν και τ αγγλικα μου.

“…In case you’re wondering about the latter, yes, we are going to give everybody who owns D:OS on PC (and on Mac if you bought it through Steam or Gog. And if we ever figure out a way of having a real communication line with the people running the App Store, then there too) an Enhanced Edition for free. It’s another way of saying thank you. That means that if you own D:OS now, you’ll soon see an extra entry in your Steam or GOG library for the Enhanced Edition. You’ll still be able to play the original D:OS too…”

νομιζω ειναι ξεκαθαρο. τα παραπανω δεν ειναι σε καποιο απ τα πιο πανω λινκς, αλλά απο δω:

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