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The Living Towers is Mortal Kombat X’s version of the Challenge Tower from Mortal Kombat 9. Basically it’s a series of matches that places unique win conditions in match. So it can be silly stuff like no ducking during a match or you having to perform three throws. Where it differs is that the mode is online only and that NetherRealm has the power to manipulate the challenges on an hourly basis.

The mode is divided into three tiers, Quick Tower, Daily Tower and Premier Tower, which all need a different time commitment to complete. The Quick Tower can be completed in as little as 10 minutes, Daily Tower will take 24 hours while the Premier Tower will demand a week of your time.

Faction Wars is probably the more important of the two, since your actions in the Living Towers can affect it. Each of the characters in the game are affiliated with one of five factions. Playing with a character from a Faction and completing Faction challenges contributes to that Faction’s ranking in a weekly war. In this way, players that get creamed in more traditional multiplayer games can still engage in a multiplayer gaming.

And all you have to do to play your part is just play the game any way you like. As far as I can tell, all Faction Wars does, is track your activity with a Faction character, notes if you are completing any Faction specific challenges and then collates that information.

και για το τέλος :

Most impressive to me about the Faction Wars, though, is that it works across all formats. Whether you are playing on a PlayStation, Xbox or PC, your contribution to the war effort counts.

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