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8GB patch σήμερα  :O

Επιφέρει αλλαγές παντού.
Additional Content/Functionality

Outer Rim: Now available for Season Pass owners
New Feature: Hutt Contracts add a new way of obtaining Weapons and Star Cards
New Feature: Spectator Mode introduces a way to watch Private Match games with a variety of camera angles and the ability to swap between players quickly
Multiplayer Menu: Redesigned the screen to facilitate players being able to get into a game mode more quickly and easily
Multiplayer: Teams will now re-balance when transitioning between maps
Teamplay Focus: New feature in which an objective can be highlighted by each player to highlight where players are heading; press X (Xbox One), Square (PlayStation 4), or E (PC)
Ranks: Increased Rank cap from 50 to 60
Scoreboard: Added icons for playing as a Hero, playing in a vehicle, and player ping
Scoreboard: Rearranged Score to be the first column represented
Scoreboard: Faded player row to signify when a player has been defeated
Combat: Added combat roll to non-Hero characters; strafe and double tap B (Xbox One) or Circle (PlayStation 4), for PC strafe and press Alt (can be rebound)
Partner: The Partner Icon will now be visible on screen at all times
UX: The currently selected Trait card is now shown in the deploy screen
Credits: Updated Game Credits list

Weapon and Star Card Changes

New Weapons: The DL-18 and the DLT-19X can be obtained via Hutt Contrats
New Powerup: The T-7 Ion Disruptor has been added to the powerup pool
General: Triggering a card right before death will no longer result in an effect not triggering and the card going on cooldown
Bodyguard: Corrected the Level 3 description from “Decreases explosive damage by a high amount AND blaster damage by a small amount” to “Decreases explosive damage by a medium amount AND blaster damage by a small amount”
Survivalist: Corrected the Level 3 description from “Health regeneration starts much faster AND replenish a small amount of health with each kill” to “Health regeneration starts faster AND replenish a small amount of health with each kill”
Bounty Hunter: Corrected the Level 3 description from “High chance to get a Power-up with each kill AND resets cooldown with each kill” to “Medium chance to get a Power-up with each kill AND current cooldowns decreases with each kill”
Bounty Hunter: Modified drop chances and cooldowns – Level 1: 25% Drop chance, Level 2: 50% Drop chance, & Level 3: 50% Drop chance AND 75% cooldown on each kill
Shields: Personal Shield, Squad Shield, & the Blaster Cannon will now deflect and absorb most forms of projectiles; exceptions being the Cycler Rifle, Scatter Gun & Proximity Bomb
Shields: When Personal Shield is active, the player is unable to fire weapons and throw grenades, but can still deploy droids, turrets, & call in Heroes and vehicles
Bowcaster: Updated damage to be consistent across all 3 charge levels – Projectile damage is now 40, Explosion damage is now 33, & the Explosion radius is now 2m
Bowcaster: Lowered max hold time from 5 to 3s
Bowcaster: Now properly goes on cooldown when firing a shot and then quickly entering a turret
Barrage: Lowered fuse timer from 2-2.25 to 1-1.5s
Barrage: Decreased inner explosion radius from 3 to 2m
Impact Grenade: Increased damage from 90 to 100
Impact Grenade: Decreased explosion radius from 2.25 to 2m
Ion Grenade: No longer deals collision damage
Flashbang Grenade: Added a screenshot component to give it an extra disorienting effect
Scan Pulse: Cooldown time increased from 10 to 18s (normal) and 8 to 16s (upgraded)
DL-44: Damage decreased from 19 to 13 at a ranges greater than 40m
Powerups: Deployed Droids and Turrets will now self-destruct after 20s when the owner is defeated
Blaster Cannon: Kills will now count towards leveling Trait Cards
Blaster Cannon: No longer takes splash damage from its own shots
E-Web: Players now correctly take damage when right up against the barrel of the gun
Viper Probe & R5-D4 Droid: Spawn protection decreased from 2 to 0.5s
R5-D4: Now shows the correct health bar color for both teams
Smart Rocket: No longer fires from the center of the player camera, now from the barrel of the weapon
Vehicle Turret: Destroying this will now properly grant you score
Jump Pack: Cooldown lowered from 25 to 22 (normal) and from 20 to 17 (upgraded)

Vehicle Changes

T-47 Airspeeder: Now properly explodes when hitting the ground after a player ejects
T-47 Airspeeder: During Walker Assault it is no longer possible to switch Tow Cable targets during the Tow Cable event
Speeder Bike: Kills with the cannon are now properly displayed
Speeder Bike: No longer takes damage when just outside the edge of the Orbital Strike boundary
AT-ST: No longer takes damage from fire
AT-ST: Changed the max pitch on the grenade launcher
Millennium Falcon & Slave I: Now are immediately destroyed when crashing into the ground while in 1st Person view
DF-9: Laser fire is now visible when angling the turret up
Y-Wing: Players are now properly notified if they are killed by a Y-Wing

Multiplayer Game Mode Changes

General: Misc spawning improvements across various map & mode combinations
General: Princess Leia's Honor Guard and Emperor Palpatine's Shocktroopers are limited to only 2 spawns during the Heroes vs. Villains and Extraction Game Modes
General: Players no longer instantly die during vehicle deployment after having taken damage that would kill them prior to the transition
Fighter Squadron: Games will no longer end in a draw when a player that crashes into the ground would have awarded the winning points
Fighter Squadron: Vehicles of equal size will now both be destroyed when colliding regardless if one vehicle is shielded
Hero Hunt: Redesigned the way in which the new Hero is selected, now the top 3 damage dealers have a chance to be the next Hero – Spin the Wheel!
Blast: Re-added Sulphur Fields back into the Blast map rotation
Drop Zone: Altered player count from 16 to 12

Mission Changes

Survival: Stars earned in the Survival in the Ice Caves and Rebel Depot Missions now count towards your total in the social hub
Survival: Zoom now functions properly on all maps
Survival: The AT-ST during Wave 4 on Hoth will now properly spawn in
Split Screen: Player 2 can now see the health of Player 1's deployed turret
Split Screen: Player 2's Scan Pulse now highlights enemies as expected
Hero Battles: Friendly AI tokens will now properly award points to the enemy team during Solo Play
Battles: Losing a life in offline Battles is now correctly tracked when winning

Hero Changes

General: Fixed inconsistencies with blocking blaster fire between active and passive blocking for Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, & Emperor Palpatine
General: When blocking blaster fire modified with Explosive Shot or Ion Shot, Luke Skywalker & Darth Vader now deflect and reflect Explosive Shots or Ion Shots back
General: Heroes can no longer fire their weapon while melee'ing
Darth Vader: Increased health from 1500 to 1650
Darth Vader: Block ability time increased from 4 to 8s
Darth Vader: Decreased cooldown of Lightsaber Throw from 7 to 6s
Darth Vader: Increased distance of Lightsaber Throw by 3m
Luke Skywalker: Decreased health from 1000 to 925
Luke Skywalker: Slightly decreased running speed
Boba Fett: Increased the range at which his blaster damage starts to drop off from 30 to 45m
Boba Fett: Increased the range at which blaster damage is at the low end from 60 to 75m

Misc. Bug Fixes

General: Lighting, textures, audio, user interface, text, and collision fixes
General: Crash fixes
General: Partner and Party connection fixes
Map: Removed erroneous Stormtroopers outsider of the playable area from Heroes vs. Villains on Twilight on Hoth
Achievement / Trophey: Updated text of Ackbar's Elite to state “Complete any survival mission on Master without spending a life”
Άσχετο αλλά έκανα λάθος στο προηγούμενό μου post 2 μόνο κραδαίνουν lightsaber :'( Help me Obi Wan Kenobi you're my only hope.

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