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συνεντευξη με τον ασυμπαθιστο κι εναν λιγοτερο ασυμπαθιστο, στα γερμανικα εννοειται, μην το ρωτας, στα πλαισια της Gamescom.
η μεγαλη, χιούτζ αλλαγη που ειδα εγω, ειναι εκει γυρω στο 4.30, που σε μια μαχη γυρναει η καμερα σε καθαρο 3d person, ενταξει  εννοω οχι πισω απ την πλατη του ηρωα, αλλα απο ψηλα, σχεδον ισομέτρικ στάιλ. δεν το χουν διαφημισει, οποτε μου γεννηθηκε απορια. ιδού:

α, ενας τυπος στο λατρεμενο rpgwatch, μετεφρασε τα σημαντικοτερα για κεινον σημεια.

New more challenging combat, better enemy AI
Different weapons feel really different (sword vs. axe for example)
Many ranged weapons (Flamethrower, grenade launcher etc.)
hand to hand combat is equally important to ranged combat
Vertical exploration possible with Jet-Pack
Great open world – World size is 1.5 x Gothic 3 size
Many different landscapes, snow, desert a la Mad Max
No loading zones
Language still “Ruhrpott” slang
The team has a lot of fun playing the game already
PB likes contrasts: Fantasy vs. Post Apocalypse vs. Science Fiction, different factions are in the game
A lot of moral choices, different endings – you decide the fate of the Elex
Every major person in the game will react to your decisions
Your companions have a loyalty value depending on how you play
No auto-leveling of enemies
Many different presets for the game difficulty
You can join a guild
The story has chapters
The world reacts to your actions (for example if you have killed a person, quest-lines will change)
New quality management -> less bugs
No Mod-Tools
Gothic voice-over artist again in the game
Combat animations will be polished until the very end of development
Some skills: lock-picking, hacking, magic, pick-pocketing, alchemy, crafting (depending on faction)
Story & dialog = 300.000 words
Moral system: not good vs bad – it is more do you act like a human or like a machine
Factions have a hierarchy system again, gain levels and you can get better equipment
Women are in the game, a relationship is possible
Weather and day night cycle and climate zones are in the game
Playtime: 50-80 hours
Release: early – mid 2017
Many new design ideas due to new setting
Stamina bar + health bar leads to more tactical fighting (you can't jump around forever)
There's a home-base
Animation for drinking is back
No mini games besides hacking and lock-picking
You can play with one companion or alone

το πιο χιλάριους?  …Women are in the game, a relationship is possible….

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