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απαντηση του σβεν στο κικσταρτερ:

..Regarding the single-player – we probably did some miscommunication by focussing so heavily on the competitive (but obviously we’re proud of it as it’s something new), given the amount of worry out there & here. We’re a bit surprised by that because we’re very well aware that the majority of our players play our games in single player, and we though it’d be evident that we’d be stupid to ignore that. On the contrary – a lot of our effort is aimed at improving the single-player, definitely on the inter-party front. I hope that we’ll be able to show you an update in the coming weeks that shows this.

το πιασες το νοημα, ψηλε. το φοκους που κανετε ειναι βαρυ κι ασηκωτο. οκ, θα περιμενωμε το απντειτ.

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