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Ανέβασε το PC Gamer ένα featurette αρθράκι με έξτρα πληροφορίες. Κάποια ενδιαφέροντα αποσπάσματα:

“In our game,” said Singh, “within character creation, we actually let the player decide how that conquest happened, and based off the decisions that you make there, you actually shape the starting state of the world. And so, depending on those choices you're actually going to get a very different experience.”

In another game we visited the same town, though due to different choices made during character creation the events of the war had played out differently. In this game the conflict in Plainsgate had been much more severe, and the land was even more damaged by magic to the point where a portion of the town had actually crumbled into a chasm. It's name was even different: in this reality, it was called Halfgate.

A player's choices at the beginning of the game can also determine which quests they'll take on. On the trip to Plainsgate we were looking for a half-human prisoner called a Beastman who might have information on how to break the magic spells that had been cast over the land and restore it to its past farming glory. In the Halfgate version, however, we were there to kill the Beastman. These types of changes brought on by player choices while creating their character are one way Obsidian is hoping to make the game a different experience on subsequent playthroughs.

Tyranny uses a classless RPG system. While you still level up with experience points, you grow your skills with magic and weapons by actually using them. If you're hoping to resolve conflicts through persuasion, intimidation, or other speech-based methods, you'll gain experience and new abilities through dialogue, too. Combat works similarly to Pillars of Eternity: real-time with pause, so you can issue commands to your companions. And the relationships you form with your companions will play a role in combat as well.

“For combat, we've built on top of the foundation that Pillars of Eternity has set. And we wanted to do that in meaningful ways,” Singh says. “So, we recognized that people really enjoyed building relationships with companions, and we thought 'What if we took that into combat as well?' To do that, we've actually introduced some new abilities that are really powerful called companion combos. Companion combos are devastating abilities that can either work as great openers or even change the tide of battle, and you gain these from building your relationship with your companions.”

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