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Ωραία. Τώρα φάνηκαν κι αυτά που έλειπαν.

inxi -F

[[email protected] ~]$ inxi -F
System:    Host: jigan Kernel: 4.9.35-1-MANJARO x86_64 (64 bit)
          Desktop: KDE Plasma 5.10.3 Distro: Manjaro Linux
Machine:  Device: desktop Mobo: Gigabyte model: P35-DS3
          BIOS: Award v: F14 date: 06/18/2009
CPU:      Quad core Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 (-MCP-) cache: 4096 KB
          clock speeds: max: 2400 MHz 1: 1600 MHz 2: 1600 MHz 3: 1600 MHz
          4: 1600 MHz
Graphics:  Card: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD/ATI] Cape Verde XT [Radeon HD 7770/8760 / R7 250X]
          Display Server: x11 (X.Org 1.19.3) drivers: ati,radeon (unloaded: modesetting)
          Resolution: 1680×[email protected]
          OpenGL: renderer: Gallium 0.4 on AMD CAPE VERDE (DRM 2.49.0 / 4.9.35-1-MANJARO, LLVM 4.0.1)
          version: 4.5 Mesa 17.1.4                                         
Audio:    Card-1 Intel 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller           
          driver: snd_hda_intel                                           
          Card-2 Advanced Micro Devices [AMD/ATI] Cape Verde/Pitcairn HDMI Audio [Radeon HD 7700/7800 Series]
          driver: snd_hda_intel
          Card-3 Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 driver: USB Audio
          Sound: Advanced Linux Sound Architecture v: k4.9.35-1-MANJARO
Network:  Card: Realtek RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller
          driver: r8168
          IF: enp4s0 state: up speed: 100 Mbps duplex: full
          mac: 00:1d:7d:9b:12:ce
Drives:    HDD Total Size: 3070.6GB (43.2% used)
          ID-1: /dev/sda model: WDC_WD5002AALX size: 500.1GB
          ID-2: /dev/sdb model: WDC_WD3200BEVT size: 320.1GB
          ID-3: /dev/sdc model: CT250BX100SSD1 size: 250.1GB
          ID-4: /dev/sdd model: TOSHIBA_DT01ACA2 size: 2000.4GB
Partition: ID-1: / size: 284G used: 34G (13%) fs: ext4 dev: /dev/sdb1
          ID-2: swap-1 size: 9.45GB used: 0.00GB (0%) fs: swap dev: /dev/sdb2
Sensors:  System Temperatures: cpu: 46.0C mobo: N/A gpu: 42.0
          Fan Speeds (in rpm): cpu: N/A
Info:      Processes: 173 Uptime: 1:47 Memory: 2309.2/7987.2MB
          Client: Shell (bash) inxi: 2.3.23

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