Volgarr the Viking II is happening!

In an unexpected announcement yesterday, publisher Digital Eclipse and developer (aptly named) Crazy Viking Studios revealed the sequel to Volgarr the Viking. The original game was one of the most acclaimed indie games of the past decade, and it's this long gap between each release that compounds our surprise.

According to CEO and creative director, Kristofor Durrschmidt: "Volgarr is known for being easy to learn, hard to master. For some, that might even be an understatement. But that design philosophy guided every aspect of development for Volgarr II. We learned a lot from launching the original, and even with some modern updates, fans are going to love the sequel".

These features include a practice mode, checkpoints, save profiles and unlimited continues. However, the game will maintain the high level of challenge of its predecessor, as the developers reassure us. As a matter of fact, if we want to see all of its content, we will have to do without these conveniences.

Volgrarr the Viking II will be released on August 6, on Steam and GOG. Here's the trailer:

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