New title revealed from the creator of Silent Hill

With Akira Yakamoka on board for the soundtrack...

It's to be expected that some games will be revealed to the public for the first time at His Holiness' Orange Crunchy Snacks Event (known as The Game Awards). We were hyped for a new Silent Hill game, as rumours had been rife, truth be told, but instead a new IP was unveiled by the creator of the first title in the classic series (and later, the Siren series creator) Keiichiro Toyama. Its name, Slitterhead. He's joined by the great Akira Yamaoka, a composer whose name is interwoven with Silent Hill and most recently The Medium.

For the game itself, unfortunately we don't know enough details such as the platforms and release date. Of course, the chances of it not coming to our PCs are small, but we can remain optimistic until there is official confirmation. The reveal trailer, however, is sufficiently weird and twisted, "virtues" that the Japanese are known for in their horror games - although we're not sure if it will be a pure representative of the genre - and we wouldn't want it to be otherwise. Below is the trailer in question:

Panagiotis Mitrakis

A child of the 80's, he started his gaming career with coin ops and Game Boy Classic. He went on to explore various other platforms during the 90's (SNES holds a special place in his heart) and was introduced to PC gaming in 1998, with games like Half-Life and System Shock 2. He doesn't say no to (almost) any genre but shows a predilection for RPGs and survival horror and tries to introduce others to the religion of Silent Hill, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and the creations of Looking Glass and Obsidian.

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