Steam Deck OLED announced

The good gets better?

Rumours of Valve's intention to release new hardware were confirmed with yesterday's announcement of the Steam Deck OLED, a major refresh of the successful device. As is obvious from the name the biggest change is in the new OLED technology display however there are many other improvements worthy of note. For example, the new Steam Deck has a larger battery, a more efficient APU, WiFi 6, a separate Bluetooth chip and various tweaks that address complaints and omissions of the old version. The announcement of the Steam Deck OLED was accompanied by multiple reviews and hands-on from well-known press outlets including Digital Foundry, which was extremely positive about Valve's device.

The OLED model will be available from November 16, with Valve saying that this time they have plenty of stock so it should avoid the long queues of the initial launch. In terms of price, the OLEDs are essentially replacing some of the older models (which will still be sold at a discounted price until stock runs out). Check out the new prices in detail on the Steam Deck Steam page:

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