Valve announced Counter-Strike 2

After countless teasers lately, today, through some tweets, what everyone was waiting for finally happened: the official announcement of Counter-Strike 2 by Valve!

The newest implementation of the super-popular FPS is expected to upgrade "all systems, all content, and all aspects of the CS experience" according to its creators. In this context, they have currently released 3 tweets explaining via short gameplay videos some of the optimized mechanics of CS2: the way smoke behaves, the changes to maps, and the implementation of tick rate on the game's servers.

A very interesting detail is that CS2 will be a free upgrade for CS:GO owners, and even the player inventory in CS:GO will be transferred to CS2!

Currently access to CS2 is via a "Limited Test", with instructions for participating in it posted in this FAQ. Either way, it's now an irreversible fact: the sequel to perhaps the most legendary competitive FPS of all time is here, it's free for existing players, and it looks to the future of the genre highly upgraded.

More details on its mechanisms, and on its full release, in due course.

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  1. To CS:GO είναι f2p εδώ και καιρό.. όσοι το ψήνουν ένα κλικ μακριά είναι για να τσιμπήσουν και την δωρεάν αναβάθμιση! 'Άσχετο αλλά μόλις είδα ότι είχα παίξει λίγο το Μάη του 13! Κάνα free weekend θα χε! Πάω για μπουφού! Πολύ ασχολήθηκα!
  2. Nα το βάλουν εκεί που ξέρουν!
    Πόρταλ 3 ορ ΓΚΕΤ! ΔΕ ΦΑΚ! ΑΟΥΤ!

    #gladOShools #stillalive
    Τι να πούνε και αυτού που περιμένουν HL3?

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